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Studies have shown that certain frequencies can improve seed germination, root growth, and gene expression in plants. However, large-scale noise pollution poses serious risks to human health, including cardiovascular diseases, sleep disorders, mental health issues, hearing loss, and even premature death. This raises an intriguing question: What if we could use sound to counteract these harmful effects?

SoundRoot consists of soundproof tiles that combine art and biotechnology to reduce indoor noise pollution. This innovative solution harnesses noise to promote root growth and creates soundproofing material that effectively absorbs mid to high frequencies. Each tile visually represents a sound frequency using cymatics, and when assembled into a wall, the tiles become a visual representation of the absorbed sound. This project inspires inventive applications of sound frequencies for positive impact and fosters a future of sound consciousness.

While absorbing sound pollution, SoundRoot actively sequesters approximately 11 kg of CO2 per grown square meter, contributing to a greener environment.

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